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The Bible teaches us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. There is something about HEARING the Word of God that grows our faith and encourages us to keep on keeping on! That is why Bridging the Gap is dedicated to broadcasting the Word of God throughout the nation - with the understanding that faith indeed comes by hearing.

One listener puts it this way, "The message today on the fruit of the flesh was so timely. I am so looking forward to tomorrow's message on the fruit of the Spirit, especially as it pertains to our prayer to endeavor to persevere. So thankful for this ministry. God bless you all."

By listening to the broadcast, this listener is learning about the works of the flesh, but most of all, is looking forward to learning how to persevere in Christ. This is the power of radio, and the fruit of your investment in reaching others for Christ through the program.

To further your hearing of the Word of God, this month the Bridging the Gap team has a unique resource available - a bluetooth enabled speaker - that allows you to amplify your favorite Bible messages and worship music at home and at work. This Bridging the Gap speaker is our gift to you when you support the radio program with a gift of any amount throughout March 2017. Your gifts make it possible for us to reach this listener, and thousands like her, and to encourage her faith that truly does come by hearing.

Today's Program

Deluded by Desires (Part 2)
Friday, March 24, 2017

Today, Pastor Lloyd will take us back to the book of Second Peter as he continues his verse by verse study through this important letter. In chapter two, Peter speaks of the dangers of false doctrine - both for the giver and the receiver. Is there anything wrong with reading scripture and deciding for yourself exactly what it means? Is the Bible so vague that we all can just come to our own understanding of what God is saying to us? There are plenty of people who think that way, but to do so is dangerous - even deadly.

SCRIPTURE: 2 Peter 2:10-14