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Throughout February 2017

What could be better than committing time, every day, to reading God's Word in 2017? Daily Bible reading stands to have the greatest impact on our walks with Christ, on our attitudes, relationships, everything really!

Pastor Lloyd recommends all Bridging the Gap radio listeners to join him, and hundreds of others, in committing to reading through the Bible in one year using the One Year Bible Challenge app and reading schedule, found at Here, you can download the Bible reading app, check out helpful Bible study videos, and check out commentaries and Bible study questions from Calvary Chapel Old Bridge pastors. The best part? You can partner with others to keep each other accountable as you read throughout 2017.  And if you find yourself already behind, never fear!  Just pick up with the current date, and join with us on this remarkable journey!

To help further your study, throughout January 2017, Bridging the Gap is making a journal available to help you track your notes as you read. This journal, complete with a Bridging the Gap pen and note tabs for marking your Bible, is our gift to you when you support the radio ministry with a gift of any amount throughout January 2017. And as always, your gifts make it possible for Bridging the Gap to reach listeners throughout the New York/ New Jersey area, the United States, and beyond with the teaching of God's Word.

Today's Program

The First Gospel Message (Part 1)
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Today we'll look at chapter two, verses twenty two through forty one. Here, Luke records the amazing and Spirit-inspired words of the Apostle Peter's first sermon. Peter is exhorting his audience to repent and be saved. And those who have heard his words are being swept up in the Holy Spirit. So please join us by turning in your Bible to Acts chapter two.

SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:22-41