From a listener tuning in online:

Pastor Pulley, I wanted to say that I have been listening to your sermons online over the past 8 months. They have been such an encouragement. I have been in the white-hot part of the fire of my trials…. I wanted to say that I have been reading my Bible each day and praying each day, and I listen to your broadcasts and they have encouraged me. The spiritual truth they speak is bold and beautiful and edifying all at the same time. I just listened to another sermon from you and I was encouraged. I am continuing to believe God for restoration even though my circumstances say otherwise. I believe God's Word is true and that this trial will bring me to a more mature place. Your gift of teaching and preaching has been one of the pruning shears God has used in my life. So if you ever wonder if people really appreciate what you do and that God is using you with people you have never seen, I want you to know He is.


From a listener in South Jersey/Philadelphia on Hope FM 90.5
I enjoy listening to Pastor Lloyd's teachings and I'm sure others are strengthened by the way the Lord uses him.  Just wanted to let you know. I will pray for you ministry and look forward to visiting sometime.

From listeners near Ridgecrest, CA on KWTD 91.9 FM
I'm a person who changes the channel on my radio a lot. But when I hear Pastor Lloyd, It's as if my soul is being fed. When I arrive home, I turn the engine off and just sit in the car and listen. God is working though your ministry. We are so very blessed.   Thank you! Pastor Lloyd is an added bonus to my walk with the Lord.  God Bless to all

From a listener near Rochester, NY on WZXV 99.7 FM
Hi I listen some afternoons on my way home from work depending I the time I leave. I listen on line and I buy your mp3s. I teach a bible study at the local county jail on Monday nights. I use your teaching to help me study for my teaching. I listen to many different teachings along with my own study of the Word. Please pray for me that I do a good job in my teaching and that I represent the Lord well. Thanks and God bless

From a listener near Oxnard, CA on KOCC 101.5
I listen on the way to work each morning.  You help to start my day in God's Word. I've grown and learned from your teaching. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord. 

From a listener in Yucca Valley, CA on 91.3 FM
It blesses and encourages me to see the fruit of a grandmother's sacrifices and faithful prayers when I listen to Pastor Lloyd's messages about love and forgiveness.  I met him years ago and watched he and his sisters love their dad, each other and Jesus.  Though they all suffered through the loss of their mom and the abandonment by their dad..."but God” had a plan for all their lives!   

From listeners in New York/ New Jersey on Star 99.1 FM
Pastor Lloyd has such a gift!!!!  I love listening!  Thank you! The teachings are very good but the time is to short if you could extend the airtime.

From a listener near Vineland, NJ on WPOV 99.9 FM

I listen faithfully Monday - Friday 8:30am - 9:00am and 1:00pm - 1:30pm. In the morning before I start work and in the afternoon on my lunch break. I thank God everyday for your program. It is part of my life. Thank you Pastor Lloyd. God Bless

From a listener in Central NJ on The Bridge 89.7 FM
Dear Pastor Lloyd, Praise God for you! Tonight's teaching was BURNING in our spirits, regarding those that call themselves Christians, AND saved, but living all areas of their lives in total opposition. You have spoken on this before but tonight you seem to have covered the bases we were experiencing in our dealing with them.  God knew. You were His vessel.  That's why I always say "Praise God for you". Thank you. I think we got it, now. 

Today's Program

God's Family Likeness (Part 1)
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our focus continues to be First John chapter three, and today we'll look together at verses one through ten. Is it possible for a Christian to be unchanged when compared to his or her days before Christ?

SCRIPTURE: 1 John 2:28-3:10