Daily Broadcasts
State/Area Time (local) Station
 online 2:00PM and 8:30PM calvarynetradio  
AR Central Arkansas 6:30am(CT) KNFR 90.9 FM 
CA Adelanto 6:30AM(PT) KPTG 101.5 FM 
CA Barstow 5:00am(PT) KWTH 91.3 FM 
CA Bishop 5:00am(PT) KWTW 88.5 FM 
CA June Lake 5:00am(PT) KWTM 90.9 FM 
CA Merced 10:00pm(PT) KGDM 105.5 FM 
CA Oxnard 7:30am(PT) KOCC 101.5 FM 
CA Ridgecrest 5:00am(PT) KWTD 91.9 FM 
CA San Clemente 4:00am(PT) KWVE 107.9 FM 
CA Yuba City 7:00am(PT) KCYC 104.7 FM 
CO Montrose 8:00am(MT) KDVW 100.9 FM 
CT Montville 4:00am(ET) and 11:00am(ET) WCSE 100.1 FM 
CT Montville 4:00am(ET) and 11:00am(ET) WCSE 94.9 FM 
CT Niantic 4:00am(ET) and 11:00am(ET) WNLN 107.3 FM 
FL Gainesville 8:30am(ET) WGLJ 94.7 FM 
IA Adel 3:30pm(CT) KIHS 88.5 FM 
ID Grangeville 7:30am KKRH 90.9 FM 
ID Moscow 7:30am(ET) Real Hope Radio 103.5 FM 
ID Moscow 7:30am(ET) Real Hope Radio 90.9 FM 
IN Lafayette 10:30am(ET) and 3:00pm(ET) WWCC 97.3 FM 
MD Baltimore 8:30am(ET) WVBV 97.5 FM 
MD Chestertown 8:30am(ET) WVBV 90.9 FM 
MD Ellicott City 8:30am(ET) WVBV 106.1 FM 
MD Havre de Grace 8:30am(ET) WVBV 104.7 FM 
MD Towson 8:30am(ET) WVBV 104.9 FM 
ME Bangor 5:30pm(ET) WJCX 99.5 FM 
MO Springfield 10:00PM(CT) KVTS 107.9 FM 
MO Tarkio 3:30pm(CT) KRSS 93.5 FM 
NJ Barnegat Light 8:30am(ET) WVBV 88.1 FM 
NJ Bridgeton 8:30am(ET) WVBV 97.7 FM 
NJ Brigantine/Atlantic City 8:30am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 7:00am (ET), 11:00 am(ET) and 8:00pm(ET) WRDR 91.9 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 7:00am(ET), 11:00am(ET) and 8:00pm (ET) WRDR 89.7 FM 
NJ Millville 8:30am(ET) WVBV 103.3 FM 
NJ North Jersey 7:00am(ET), 11am(ET) and 8:00pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NJ South Jersey 8:30am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
NJ Tuckerton 8:30am(ET) WVBV 102.3 FM 
NJ Vineland 1:30pm(ET) WPOV 99.9 FM 
NV Gardnerville 12:00am(PT), 7:00am(PT), and 4:30pm(PT) KYHW 94.7 FM 
NY Binghamton 9:00am(ET) WIFF 90.1 FM 
NY Binghamton 9:00am(ET) WIFF 104.9 FM 
NY Copiague 9:00am (ET) WGSS 89.3 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 3:30pm(ET) WEGB Faith FM 93.3 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 3:30pm(ET) WEGQ Faith FM 91.7 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 3:30pm(ET) WEGB Faith FM 90.7 FM 
NY Monticello 7:00am(ET), 11am(ET) and 8:00pm(ET) WJUX 99.7 FM 
NY New York City 7:00am(ET), 11am(ET) and 8:00pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NY New York City 7:00am (ET), 11:00 am(ET) and 8:00pm(ET) WRDR 106.9FM 
NY Poughkeepsie 7:00AM(ET) and 8:00PM W295BK 106.9 FM 
NY Rochester 11:00pm(ET) WZXV 99.7 FM 
OH Zanesville 1:00pm(ET) WTLL 98.9 FM 
OK Guymon 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 99.5 FM 
PA Ephrata 8:30am(ET) WVBV 99.1 FM 
PA Gap 8:30am(ET) WVBV 92.1 FM 
PA Harrisburg 8:30am(ET) WVBV 89.9 FM 
PA Honey Brook 8:30am(ET) WVBV 94.9 FM 
PA Lancaster 8:30am(ET) WVBV 95.3 FM 
PA Lebanon 6:30pm(ET) WELB 93.1 FM 
PA Philadelphia 8:30am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
PA Pottstown 8:30am(ET) WVBV 101.7 FM 
PA Russell 4:30pm(ET) WTWT 90.5 FM 
SD Rapid City 11:30pm(MT) KFND 97.1 FM 
TN North East 12:30pm(CT) WZTH Truth 91.1 FM 
TX Amarillo 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 102.3 FM 
TX Amarillo 10:00pm(CT) KRBG 88.7 FM 
TX Borger 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 103.7 FM 
TX Canyon 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 94.5 FM 
TX Childress 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 89.1 FM 
TX Corpus Christi 1:00pm(CT) KSGR 91.1 FM 
TX Dumas 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 88.1 FM 
TX Hereford 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 88.7 FM 
TX Pampa 9:00pm(CT) Radio by Grace 107.1 FM 
TX Umbarger 11:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 88.7 FM 
WA Pullman 7:30am(ET) Real Hope Radio 103.5 FM 
WA Pullman 7:30am(ET) Real Hope Radio 90.9 FM 
WI Manitowoc 6:00am(CT)
WTSW 96.3 FM 

Saturday Broadcasts
State/Area Time (local) Station
 online 6:00PM calvarynetradio  
AR Central Arkansas 6:30am(CT) KNFR 90.9 FM 
CA Oxnard 5:30pm(PT) KOCC 101.5 FM 
FL Brandon 8:00pm(ET) WQRD 96.5 FM 
IA Adel 4:30am(CT) KIHS 88.5 FM 
IN Lafayette 9:30am(ET) & 9:30pm(ET) WWCC 97.3 FM 
MO Springfield 8:30PM(CT) KVTS 107.9 FM 
MO Tarkio 3:30pm(CT) KRSS 93.5 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 7:00am and 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 91.9 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 7:00am(ET) and 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 89.7 FM 
NJ North Jersey 7am(ET) and 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NV Gardnerville 12:30am(PT) & 8:30am(PT) & 4:30pm(ET) KYHW 94.7 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 4:30am(ET) WEGB Faith FM 93.3 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 4:30am(ET) WEGQ Faith FM 91.7 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 4:30am(ET) WEGB Faith FM 90.7 FM 
NY Monticello 7am(ET) and 5:30pm(ET) WJUX 99.7 FM 
NY New York City 7am(ET) and 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NY New York City 7:00am and 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 106.9FM 
NY Poughkeepsie 5:30PM(ET) W295BK 106.9 FM 
TX Amarillo 1:45am(CT) & 1:45pm(CT) KRBG 88.7 FM 
TX Corpus Christi 7:30am(CT) & 2:00am(CT) KSGR 91.1 FM 

Sunday Broadcasts
State/Area Time (local) Station
AR Central Arkansas 6:30am(CT) KNFR 90.9 FM 
AZ Casa Grande, Arizona 7:30am(PT) KVNG Grace 91.1FM 
FL Brandon 8:00pm(ET) WQRD 96.5 FM 
IA Adel 12:30pm(CT) KIHS 88.5 FM 
IN Lafayette 9:30am(ET) & 9:30pm(ET) WWCC 97.3 FM 
MD Baltimore 10:00am(ET) WVBV 97.5 FM 
MD Chestertown 10:00am(ET) WVBV 90.9 FM 
MD Havre de Grace 10:00am(ET) WVBV 104.7 FM 
MD Towson 10:00am(ET) WVBV 104.9 FM 
MO Tarkio 12:30pm(CT) KRSS 93.5 FM 
NJ Barnegat Light 10:00am(ET) WVBV 88.1 FM 
NJ Bridgeton 10:00am(ET) WVBV 97.7 FM 
NJ Brigantine/Atlantic City 10:00am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 91.9 FM 
NJ Central Jersey 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 89.7 FM 
NJ Millville 10:00am(ET) WVBV 103.3 FM 
NJ North Jersey 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NJ South Jersey 10:00am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
NJ Tuckerton 10:00am(ET) WVBV 102.3 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 1:00am & 8:00pm(ET) WEGB Faith FM 93.3 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 1:00am & 8:00pm(ET) WEGQ Faith FM 91.7 FM 
NY Eastern Long Island, NY 1:00am & 8:00pm(ET) WEGB Faith FM 90.7 FM 
NY Monticello 5:30pm(ET) WJUX 99.7 FM 
NY New York City 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 103.1 FM 
NY New York City 5:30pm(ET) WRDR 106.9FM 
OK Guymon 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 99.5 FM 
PA Ephrata 10:00am(ET) WVBV 99.1 FM 
PA Gap 10:00am(ET) WVBV 92.1 FM 
PA Harrisburg 10:00am(ET) WVBV 89.9 FM 
PA Honey Brook 10:00am(ET) WVBV 94.9 FM 
PA Lancaster 10:00am(ET) WVBV 95.3 FM 
PA Philadelphia 10:00am(ET) WVBV 90.5 FM 
PA Pottstown 10:00am(ET) WVBV 101.7 FM 
TN North East 10:30am(CT) WZTH Truth 91.1 FM 
TX Amarillo 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 102.3 FM 
TX Borger 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 103.7 FM 
TX Canyon 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 94.5 FM 
TX Childress 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 89.1 FM 
TX Dumas 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 88.1 FM 
TX Hereford 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 88.7 FM 
TX Pampa 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 107.1 FM 
TX Umbarger 7:30am(CT) Radio by Grace 88.7 FM 

On Demand Audio
State/Area Time (local) Station
 online calvarynetradio  
CA Arcata Bridgegap Minutes KChapel 97.1 FM 
CA San Clemente Bridgegap Minutes KWVE 107.9 FM 

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Today's Program

Deluded by Desires (Part 2)
Friday, March 24, 2017

Today, Pastor Lloyd will take us back to the book of Second Peter as he continues his verse by verse study through this important letter. In chapter two, Peter speaks of the dangers of false doctrine - both for the giver and the receiver. Is there anything wrong with reading scripture and deciding for yourself exactly what it means? Is the Bible so vague that we all can just come to our own understanding of what God is saying to us? There are plenty of people who think that way, but to do so is dangerous - even deadly.

SCRIPTURE: 2 Peter 2:10-14