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Throughout April 2014

This month we celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Easter is remembered throughout the globe, Pastor Lloyd will take a week in April 2014 to closely examine the cross and the empty grave.

Specifically, why was Jesus crucified? Why was His death necessary? Couldn't we be saved any other way?

Furthermore, why is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ so critically important to the Christian faith?

To help you answer these and other critical questions, Bridging the Gap is offering Lee Strobel's important book, A Case for Easter, when you support Bridging the Gap with a gift of any amount throughout April 2014. In it, you will learn how the Scriptural account of Jesus death and resurrection are not only accurate, but also crucial to our faith.

The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel is our gift to you when you support Bridging the Gap throughout the month, and as always, your gifts to the ministry make it possible for us to reach audiences throughout the Northeast and beyond with the life-changing Word of God.

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