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Throughout August 2014

How can we truly know that God exists?  Are there sound, scientific arguments for the existence of God?
In his 75-minute DVD presentation entitled Evidence for the Existence of God, apologist, author, and speaker Charlie Campbell answers these questions, building a compelling case for the existence of God.  Throughout August 2014, this important DVD is our gift to you when you support Bridging the Gap with a gift of any amount.  
Years ago, one of history's most influential atheists,  Antony Flew, surprised the world when he announced that his extensive scientific research drew him to a firm belief in the existence of God.  In this DVD, Charlie Campbell examines this evidence, looking at the cosmos, the conditions for life, and the complexity of life to prove that God is real, and that He created this extraordinary universe.
Do not miss this opportunity to further your knowledge of God and His Word, and to support radio nationwide!!
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