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Throughout September 2016

Every single day, we seem to have dozens of decisions to make.  Where to go to school, where to send our kids to school, whom to marry, what job to take… As Christians, we bathe these decisions in prayer, yet nonetheless we may struggle with the sense of being overwhelmed by it all.
In What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, Bible teacher and author Dr. David Jeremiah delves into the book of James to seek God’s wisdom in making the right decisions.  In this book, Dr. Jeremiah exhorts us to consider God first in each and every decision, and to depend fully on Him when faced by various daunting aspects of life.
Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, is our gift to you when you support Bridging the Gap throughout September 2016.  Learn how to approach issues of faith, finances, and decision making from God’s perspective with this unique resource, our gift to you throughout this month!  And as always, your gifts to Bridging the Gap make it possible for this radio program to reach listeners throughout the Northeast region and beyond!
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