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Throughout May 2016

Bridging the Gap is offering a truly unique gift to our listeners throughout May 2016!

This month we are offering a pen - yes, a pen _ but not just any pen!! This pen has a USB flash drive built into the cap, and on that drive, the Bridging the Gap team has loaded Pastor Lloyd's newest audio book, Everyday Conversations, Eternal Impact.

In this audio book, Pastor Lloyd details a personal model of evangelism, drawn from Jesus' example with the Samaritan woman by the well in John Chapter 4. Pastor Lloyd explains that Jesus built a bridge into that woman's life, and honored her, sharing the truth of Himself and her life in a patient, loving manner. This model of evangelism isn't about having an agenda or using a megaphone. It is about building relationships and pointing people to a loving God in a loving way.

The USB/pen combo from Bridging the Gap, complete with Pastor Lloyd's newest audio book, is our gift to you when you support the radio program with a gift of any amount throughout May 2016.

In addition to receiving this unique resource, you will be enabling listeners to hear the Word of God, listeners whose lives are forever changed by the Scriptures. When you give, you are a part of that eternal fruit!!

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