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Throughout November and December 2014

Over 300 messages

7 books of the Bible

17 topical studies

1 new life in Christ

Journey with The Apostle Paul and the New Testament church through the Book of Acts. Learn principles of practical Christian living in 1 and 2 Timothy. Renew your mind in Romans, and travel with God's people through Exodus and Leviticus. Then, explore topics like prayer, marriage, family, evangelism, revival, and more.

All of this Bible teaching, over 300 messages, is now available on one USB drive, the size of your thumb! Join Pastor Lloyd through his book-by-book, topic-by-topic studies from late 2010 to 2014. Download the teaching to your mobile devices, computer, or laptop, and study the Scriptures wherever you are.

Pastor Lloyd's latest teaching, on the 2014 Bridging the Gap Flash Drive, is our gift to you when you support the radio program with a gift of any amount throughout November and December 2014. As you support this program, you are reaching people throughout the Northeast and abroad with the Word of God, all while you are equipped with the Scriptures for yourself!

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