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Throughout November 2015

Christian, are you struggling to continue to walk the Christian life, when it seems everyone around you has gone their own way, to do their own thing?

This month, Bridging the Gap is offering not one, but two unique resources to encourage you.

The first is a small but powerful book by Pastor Rich Chaffin, entitled Faithful Service: Encouragement for those Working behind the Scenes. In this book, all Christian servants will find truth to encourage them in their journey, especially when the work is constant and thankless. Pastor Rich draws our hearts back to Jesus for that much needed shot-in-the-arm to keep up fighting the good fight of faith.

The second resource is the DVD testimony of Michael Franzese, a former mob boss who recently shared his story here at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge. Michael was one of the highest-paid mob bosses of his time, and remains the ONLY former mobster to be out of prison, alive, and not in the Witness Protection Program. He testifies of God's mighty work in his life, and God's power over even our greatest sin.

Both the book and the DVD are our gift to you when you support Bridging the Gap with a gift of any amount throughout November 2015. And as always, your gifts make it possible for us to reach listeners throughout the Northeast, the United States, and beyond!

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