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 Throughout September 2015

Do you find yourself distracted all the time? Work and family responsibilities, social media, entertainment... it just seems as though there is a constant drain on our attention.

This September, as kids are heading back to school and summer winds down, Pastor Lloyd wants to strongly encourage all radio listeners to quiet down those distractions and to revive their devotional life with the Lord. Set time aside to read your Bible, to pray, and to seek His face every single morning before the texts and running begins.

In particular, Pastor Lloyd is encouraging all listeners to keep a prayer journal. As you set that time aside with the Lord, jot down your prayer requests, Scriptures that speak to you in particular, and areas that you are longing to see God work in your life. As you continue to keep those notes, go back to them over time, and an amazing pattern will emerge. You will see specific answers to prayer. You will see how God's Word changed your thinking or your attitude. You will see victories emerge even as new challenges develop. In short, you will see a journal of your journey with the Lord.

To help you with that, the Bridging the Gap team is offering you a beautiful, bound journal as our gift to you when you support the radio program with a gift of any amount throughout September 2015. The journal is beautiful, with the names of Jesus inscribed on the cover. We pray it is a helpful tool to getting first things first with the Lord this fall. And as always, your gifts to Bridging the Gap radio make it possible for us to continue to bring the life-changing Word of God to listeners throughout the Northeast, the U.S., and beyond.

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