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A Path Through Suffering by Elizabeth Eliot
An excellent resource if you are seeking comfort and assurance through trials.

Abide In Christ - by Andrew Murray
Read these thirty-one heart- searching writings and learn how to live daily in closer communion and fellowship with the Lord.

Absolute Surrender - by Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray describes a Christian's surrender to God and how God accomplishes that surrender and maintains it!

Answers for Today - by Chuck Smith
In Answers for Today, Pastor Chuck Smith addresses various practical aspects of our Christian faith, including healing, the rapture, and more.

Be Faithful - by Warren W. Wiersby
Wiersby exhorts Christians to be faithful to the Word of God, to their tasks, and to other people.

How to Stay Christian In College
How to Stay Christian in College is an interactive guide that lets students know what to expect and reassures them that they can attend school and still maintain their faith.

Hudson Taylor on Spiritual Secrets - by Hudson Tay
In these thirty devotional readings, missionary Hudson Taylor shares with believers the spiritual secrets that transformed his life and work.

Knowing God - by J.I. Packer
There is a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. When you truly know God, you have energy to serve Him, boldness to share Him, and contentment in Him.

The Calvary Road - by Roy Hession
Hession profiles the nature of and prerequisites for religious revival.

The Jesus Style - by Gayle Erwin
Gayle Erwin helps us to see, feel, and hear Jesus as though for the first time!

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