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Calvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God by Chuck Smith
Understand the facts of these two doctrines and compare them to the Word of God.

Charisma vs. Charismania by Chuck Smith
In this excellent book, Pastor Pastor Chuck Smith offers a Scripturally balanced look at the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Harvest by Chuck Smith
Learn about God's power to save and His unsurpassed grace in the lives of these Calvary Chapel pastors.

Living Water by Chuck Smith
In this in-depth look at the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chuck Smith paints an intimate portrait of the Holy Spirit, celebrating God’s assurance that the Spirit is active in your life.

New Testament Study Guide by Pastor Chuck Smith
Explore the New Testament with useful maps, definitions, teaching excerpts, and more!

Original Intent by David Barton
The Supreme Court has become "a national theology board," "a super board of education," and amateur psychologists on a "psycho-journey." The result has been a virtual rewriting of the liberties enumerated in the Constitution.

Redemption by Chuck Smith
Understand the redemption we have in Christ!

What The World is Coming To by Chuck Smith
Pastor Chuck Smith closely examines end times events as detailed in the book of Revelation.

Why Grace Changes Everything by Chuck Smith
Explore the wonderous mystery of grace!

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