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Prayer: Access to the Father
Learn the importance of prayer in the life of the believer.

Precious Promises
A Study in Romans 8:19-39. Join Pastor Lloyd as he explores these precious promises in Romans 8!

Prepare to Meet the Lord: A Study of Amos
Join Pastor Lloyd for this look at the book of Amos, and explore God's judgment and restoration of His people!

Pride Before the Fall:  A Study in Obadiah
Join Pastor Lloyd for this one-message series entitled Pride Before the Fall: A Study in Obadiah, as you continue your understanding of the Scriptures and their relevance to today's world events!

Prophecy Update
Join Pastor Lloyd for this brief prophecy update delivered in August 2007 at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge.

Prophecy Update 2014
Pastor Lloyd recently delivered a series offering us an update on these last days, and encourages believers to be ever vigilant, prepared in season and out of season to given reason for the hope that is in them.

Return to Me : A Study in Zechariah
Join Pastor Lloyd for this examination of the book of Zechariah.

Experience personal revival through the power of the Lord!

Revival (New Series)
In examining the leadership of Hezekiah and others, Pastor Lloyd teaches us how to watch for those areas here we may be compromising with the flesh, and how we can seek God for a fresh filling of His Spirit, which is at the very heart of revival.

Right Relationships
Learn how to overcome difficulties in your relationships, and how God's Word offers the key to true harmony with others! And with your purchase of this set, receive a complimentary study guide.

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