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12/06/09 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
12/06/09 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Title: God's Plan for Marriage
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 12/6/2009
Scripture: Mark 10:1-12
Item #: 1833
Don't you love how scripture speaks to us right where we're at, and so many times as we travel verse by verse through it, it's as though the words were written with us in mind. Well, Mark chapter ten is about as contemporary as this mornings newspaper, as it deals with a problem that is prevalent to say the least. Back in the first century, men were divorcing their wives left and right. Sound familiar? Well, the Pharisees of that day asked Jesus if that was lawful. We'll see what our Lord had to say on the matter here on this midweek edition of Bridging the Gap
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