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08/11/10 (Wed.) Lloyd Pulley
08/11/10 (Wed.) Lloyd Pulley
Title: Spiritual Warfare Part 4: Schemes of the Enemy (Part 2) - Attacks on Assurance
Speaker: Lloyd Pulley
Date: 8/11/2010
Scripture: Ephesians 6:11
Item #: 3815
Let me ask you a quick question as we get started today: when was the last time you had a trial in your life? I mean a big one or a little one. You don't have to think back very far, do you? We all face them every day, and that's one of the lies that satan tries to get us to believe - that God promised us a care free life and now He's turned His back on us. Pastor Lloyd is in the middle of a series on Spiritual Warfare, and we're looking at satan's schemes. Think you're immune from satan's tricks? Think again!
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