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2015 Bridging the Gap Flash Drive
2015 Bridging the Gap Flash Drive
Title: 2015 Bridging the Gap Flash Drive
Item #: TS15-USB

What Does it mean to be born again, especially when that phrase seems to be so often misunderstood?

How can we truly tame the tongue and control our words?

What does the Bible say about the world events that we see transpiring all around us?

Over the past several months, Pastor Lloyd has covered these and a number of other important subjects in a number of hard-hitting Bible messages, including his verse-by-verse look at the book of James and his popular Jesus and the Individual series. These messages and several others are now available on one flash drive.

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Pastor Lloyd's most requested messages for 2014, his prophecy update series and 
many other messages are included on this one 2-gig flash drive the size of your 
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