11/20/16 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
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11/20/16 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Item Name:   11/20/16 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
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Message Title: Healthy Relationship with God
Message Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Message Date: 11/20/2016
Message Scripture: 1 John 2:12-29
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Today on Bridging the Gap, we'll learn that if a person has no fruit, then he or she had better check their root. Because the Bible says that no one who abides in Christ sins; and no one who sins has seen Him or knows him. Now before you think that this means a Christian is sinless, stick around for some clarification as Pastor Lloyd Pulley returns to his study of First John.

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Join us for Pastor Lloyd’s latest series on the book of 1 John.
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