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Throughout AUGUST 2019

Have you ever felt like being a follower of Jesus and living the Christian life is just too hard? Many of us are caught in the bondage of trying to live life in our own strength – or worse yet, we have given up trying altogether and have settled for a life of compromise and backsliding.

In his book Under His Influence, Pastor Lloyd Pulley gives practical insight to the questions we all have regarding how we are to live as Christians. In its pages we discover that the key to victorious Christian living is found not in our strength, determination, or willpower, but rather in our willingness to yield our lives completely to the influence of the Holy Spirit.

It is only as we are yielded to the Spirit of God, who dwells in us and wants to empower us every day that we will have the strength to overcome the tendencies of our flesh, and experience the life that we are intended to live in Christ. Lloyd Pulley’s hope in this book is to help us bridge the gap between what we know theologically and what we actually and practically do in our daily lives.

A USB copy of Pastor Lloyd Pulley’s newly released audiobook Under His Influence is your gift when you support the Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd radio ministry with a gift of $15 or more throughout August 2019. Your gifts bring the Word of God to people throughout the nation, and as a result, believers are growing into faithful followers of Jesus. Join us on this journey of faith throughout August!

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