The Most Important Resource of All: Our Children by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, October 2022

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – October 2022

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Today I write about the most valuable resource being negatively impacted in our state – our children! There is a great divide today over state-mandated health curriculum in our schools which has already been implemented in many districts. And parents have been waking up all across the nation, shocked over the very sexualized curriculum being taught under the guise of health. Discovering that there are 40 times more gender-confused students today than just a decade ago has caused me to take a closer look. Yes, social media and media in general, have contributed to this statistic, but schools feeding into this confusion is simply wrong.

Recently reading the account of a young woman who transitioned into a man and later regretted it and changed back (there are many men and women like her), mobilized me most to address this issue. She lamented over her now sterilized and deformed body asking this simple question: "Where were the adults to speak out to protect me when I was a child making these decisions?" And so, I took a closer look at our own local school board’s decisions on curriculum in Old Bridge and encouraged the folks in our church from other towns to take a look at theirs as well.

Some school districts in New Jersey have refused to adopt the state's radical standards, while others have accepted them but require parents to "opt-in" only if they want their children to participate. In Old Bridge, parents discovered they needed to "opt-out" from being taught these classes, which can prove a difficult thing to do. And even if they do opt-out, children cannot escape the curriculum "sprinkled" in almost every subject.

Since we operate a Christian school, it would be easy for us to tell parents it is time to simply exit public education – but not all want a Christian education. And what of the many families who cannot afford private education? Someone must speak up for innocent children even if they are not in our tribe. Perhaps it is time for parents to demand parental choice and see that vouchers are provided to give them more options.

As a young boy, a man molested me. He used pornography to loosen my resistance and then performed before me. Though I was repulsed by this man and never returned, I was exposed to images that would leave me confused right into middle school. Thankfully, biblical truth rescued me from a whole evil underbelly that would have negatively impacted me. But when I saw one of the “AMAZE” videos teachers are encouraged to use in the new health curriculum, it was reminiscent of the same type of grooming I was subject to, just on a larger scale. Parents, please check it out! It is one thing to be groomed by a deviant in the neighborhood, but we can't sit idly by while the same thing is seen in the curriculum mandated by officials in Trenton.

At the time of this writing, I know a historic record number of parents planning to attend a special upcoming Old Bridge School Board meeting. I trust they will do the right thing and eliminate the curriculum for all grades, but especially elementary and middle school.

Some fear the state may cut off much-needed funding if the school does not use the required curriculum. My answer is that it would only mean a few less points and would amount to no funding cuts. But even if it did, what price would you put on protecting our children? Parents, it is up to you! In this upcoming election, make a note of who pushes for what! I am hoping many more parents will run for the school board in the future.

The idea that a child can determine whatever gender they feel is more of an ancient pagan religious belief – that we all have a masculine and feminine spirit inside of us – than science. Is this not a state religion being promoted, which is unconstitutional? It blurs our God-given identity of male and female and tramples over parents' God-given authority to protect their children.

All boards of education should reject these government-mandated radical health standards. Let teachers teach the basic subjects, as many students are falling behind in these critical areas. And respect parental rights over their children, who will one day answer for them before God.