The Final Word by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, December 2022

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – December 2022

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

This upcoming year of 2023 marks the twentieth year since The Bridge Christian Radio began airing in the NY/NJ area, running a campaign with the slogan, “God speaks. Are you listening?

Hebrews 1:1-2a says, “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son….

God has spoken throughout history, but the final Word came in the birth of a Child, the only begotten Son of God, Jesus, the Savior of the world. Many came before Him and many have come after Him, both politically and religiously, claiming to be the answer to the world’s problems. But Jesus came to rescue those who believe in Him. Since the first century, when wise men laid their treasures at His feet and angels sang on high, God has been speaking to humanity by His Son, Jesus Christ.

Yet often, I hear people ask: Why is it not more clear?

When any person saw even a partial glimpse of God in the biblical account, they fell as though dead at His feet due to His overwhelming glory. Unlike the angels who were made to serve and praise God, we were made in His image to know and love Him. Love is only real if it is a choice! If God were to display all His power, all humanity would reflexively bow, and free will would immediately dissolve.

If a multi-billionaire’s son went to college dressed in flashy clothes driving a fancy car, every girl on campus would swoon to meet him. If dressed in rags and driving a clunker, the uppity gals would shun him. But the ordinary girl who falls in love with him for him will be shocked when he takes her home to meet his father! And so, God hides in His creation, and those who seek Him will find Him. God wants us to love Him by free choice.

But because God is just, every sin must be judged. And since all are plagued with sin (Romans 3:23), this leaves us all facing judgment and eternal separation from God (Romans 6:23). But God sent His only Son, being fully God, but also fully Man, to take the punishment of all the sin of the world and pay the required penalty (Romans 8:3).

Even a short time of suffering by an infinite person equals an infinite amount of sin for a finite number of people.

God is still speaking, so the real question remains – are you listening?

A thousand voices are vying for your attention, but God has had the final Word in His Son, Jesus Christ. Believe in Him!