A Pagan Religion by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, August 2023

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – August 2023

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Next month, as many children go back to school, many will experience a world of confusion from the religious and radical ideologies of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), wokeism, and Critical Theory, that have taken over public education – a realization many parents are now waking up to! Many school boards now seem to represent they are under some obligation to the NJ Department of Education. Still, there is no force of law—only “guidelines” given by the unelected bureaucrats of it.

Yet, parents, not the government, are ultimately responsible for their children.

While we should always treat people with dignity and respect, we should not tolerate a wholesale indoctrination of children by a religious pagan ideology. This belief system is not about equality or diversity, or inclusivity. It’s about creating a new kind of person without moral constraints – one who will reject any “norms,” calling them oppressive.

And this all starts in the classroom as a generation of innocent children are propagandized and sexualized under the guise of education.

Do parents have the will to stand against the rising tide for their children’s sake? There was a time when removing the Bible and prayer from public schools seemed to be the virtuous neutral position. But eventually, even the Supreme Court recognized that humanism was a religion. How much more religious is the idea of gender fluidity, whose roots run deep in paganism? Should they be given preferential treatment in schools and universities while their pronouns are forced upon teachers by the priests of that religion?

Then at least, in fairness, let the Bible back into the schools as well – that children can learn of the Savior, who came to rescue us from the depravity of our sins.