Scrappy Faith: A Lesson in Persistence and Trust by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, September 2023

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – September 2023

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

In the biblical account of the foreign woman seeking healing from Jesus for her demon-possessed daughter (found in Matthew 15:21-28), we uncover a profound lesson about perseverance and trust. Despite being an outsider to God's chosen people, she displayed a level of faith that resonates across time and culture. Her journey offers a compelling reminder that pressing through, even when put off by followers of Jesus, is essential to experiencing the transformational power of Christ.

At first glance, the disciples' response to her cries might mirror our initial reactions. In today's world, where 'safe spaces' are preferred and sensitive egos abound, there's a tendency to distance ourselves from the messy, complex struggles of others.

Yet the woman's determination to encounter Jesus prevailed even through His initial silence and His followers’ complaints. Her unwavering pursuit demonstrates that sometimes faith requires navigating through disheartening moments when we feel ignored and rejected. Her story illustrates that pressing forward, even when met with indifference, can yield unimaginable blessings. She teaches us that even when our beliefs are challenged, a scrappy faith firmly rooted in the unwavering truth of Christ's love prevails.

In a world often marked by discouragement, misunderstanding, and the harsh treatment of those in pain, her story is a beacon of hope. My own story serves as a powerful testimony that faith doesn't always operate in the realm of feelings or emotions. And this woman’s tenacity teaches us that despite obstacles, pressing through to Jesus is an imperative journey.

And as followers of Jesus, our task isn't just to seek the easy and comfortable. Instead, we're called to reflect His character by offering compassion, understanding, and grace to all who seek solace and hope – that others might find healing too.