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Throughout AUGUST 2018

People are hard-wired to find the truth. Something as trivial as remembering an actor’s name to something as meaningful as solving a crime can send us into a pursuit for truth that does not end until there are answers.

In his book Cold-Case Christianity, Jim Wallace takes on the biggest case of all. Jim Wallace is a former atheist and L.A. County homicide detective and applies his abilities to solve “cold-cases” to the death and resurrection of Jesus. By mixing his nationally renowned detective skills with gripping stories and examples, Wallace masterfully presents the evidence for Jesus in a way that disarms even the most ardent skeptic.

Cold-Case Christianity is our gift to you when you support the Bridging the Gap radio ministry with a gift of any amount throughout August 2018. Your gifts bring the Word of God, through radio, to people throughout the nation, and as a result, believers are growing into faithful followers of Jesus. Join us on this journey of faith throughout August!

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