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Throughout JANUARY 2019

New Year, New Power

A new year provides a chance to look back and examine. Most use the new year to set new goals and resolutions for themselves, hoping this year will bring the change they’ve always longed for.

The problem is we that know the statistics. Our own willpower is not enough to bring real, lasting change to our lives. So what can we do?

The answer is coming back to God’s Word. Sometimes to move forward, we need to look back to the way His Word has spoken to us in the past. That’s why we’ve compiled Pastor Lloyd’s most requested messages of 2018 onto one flash drive. These messages will remind us of how God’s Word spoke to us this past year and will motivate us to live by it going forward.

Of course, God’s Word shows us our great need for the Holy Spirit. Pastor Lloyd’s Holy Spirit at Work series outlines what it means to have the Holy Spirit work in our lives. As we look to see real change in our hearts and lives, we need to rely on the empowering the Spirit loves to give us.

A free USB drive containing Pastor Lloyd’s Most Requested Messages of 2018 series as well as his Holy Spirit at Work series is our gift to you when you support the Bridging the Gap radio ministry with any gift of $10 or more throughout January 2019. Your gifts bring the Word of God, through radio, to people throughout the nation, and as a result, believers are growing into faithful followers of Jesus. Join us on this journey of faith throughout January!

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