Bridging the Gap Radio Ministry

Bridge the Gap with Prayer

Join us in lifting Bridging the Gap in prayer! Specifically, please pray for:

Pastor Lloyd – that God would continue to anoint his teaching and lead his servant

The BTG Team – our team is comprised of audio engineers, producers, coordinators, and servants. Please pray that God would continue to lead and protect His servants!

Open Doors – that God would open doors for BTG, and that He would provide resources for each outreach.

Stations Airing BTG – BTG is aired throughout the US and abroad on dozens of radio stations and web sites. Pray for God's direction and protection on these stations.

Our Listeners – that God's Word would work in the lives of listeners, and bear much fruit!

We would also love to pray for you! Click here to submit prayer requests through Calvary Chapel Old Bridge.

Today's Program

Intercessory Prayer (Part 2)
Monday, November 18, 2019

Too many people use prayer as a “last resort” in emergencies, or as a sort of “cosmic mail order catalog” to ask for the things they want. As we move through this series, Lloyd will explain exactly what prayer is supposed to be and what it’s not supposed to be. He’ll also show us how to make our prayer life more effective. Our topic specifically today is intercessory prayer - praying on behalf of others.

SCRIPTURE: Assorted Scriptures

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