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The Prayer Series (2022)

Jesus had a habit of frequently leaving the crowds and going to a quiet place to pray. As we face trials and difficulties, and we long for God to intervene, our enemy applies his strategy to keep us from prayer. That is all the more reason we must pray. In this three-part series, Pastor Lloyd encourages us not to waste our sorrows but to turn them into prayer, to be intercessors for one another and to be persistent in prayer.

The Holy Spirit Series (2022)

Oh, how we need to be filled with and yielded to the Holy Spirit. Do we think of Him in a Biblical way, as the divine person he is? Do we truly understand the spiritual gifts and are we utilizing our gifts for the Kingdom? We are all called to the Great Commission, a seemingly impossible task if not for the Helper, the Holy Spirit. This study is a look at who the Holy Spirit is, the gifts of the Spirit and more, "For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God."

Looking Up!

This series is a call to look up to Him who says, "I am GOD and there is no other, there is none like me." If things seem out of place, be encouraged. God is a God of history and he is sovereign over all things, even the cancel culture, China, Covid and the conflict of good and evil. This study examines the prophecies of Daniel, the anti-Christ, the rise of evil and the truths under attack today. To understand what is happening, Pastor Lloyd takes us back to Genesis for the seven foundational truths on which we cannot compromise.

The Book of Ruth

The short book of Ruth open like an obituary. Yet the deep grief will turn to great joy in this divine love story of the kinsman-redeemer who changes everything. Pastor Lloyd explains the parallels of Ruth's kinsman-redeemer with our kinsman-redeemer, Jesus Christ, whose sacrificial love has also ransomed us.

The Book of Judges

As we read the book of Judges, we see a cycle of sin and repentance followed by God's saving hand. We also see if we forget who we are, we will get gobbled up by a hostile culture. Incomplete victory in eradicating the enemy leads to dire consequences. This study is a picture of our walk by faith, our responsibility to leave an inheritance or spiritual legacy for future generations. Follow along and unwrap the lessons God has for you through the various warriors, battles, victories and failures of the book of Judges.

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