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Looking Up!

This series is a call to look up to Him who says, "I am GOD and there is no other, there is none like me." If things seem out of place, be encouraged. God is a God of history and he is sovereign over all things, even the cancel culture, China, Covid and the conflict of good and evil. This study examines the prophecies of Daniel, the anti-Christ, the rise of evil and the truths under attack today. To understand what is happening, Pastor Lloyd takes us back to Genesis for the seven foundational truths on which we cannot compromise.

The Book of Ruth

The short book of Ruth open like an obituary. Yet the deep grief will turn to great joy in this divine love story of the kinsman-redeemer who changes everything. Pastor Lloyd explains the parallels of Ruth's kinsman-redeemer with our kinsman-redeemer, Jesus Christ, whose sacrificial love has also ransomed us.

The Book of Judges

As we read the book of Judges, we see a cycle of sin and repentance followed by God's saving hand. We also see if we forget who we are, we will get gobbled up by a hostile culture. Incomplete victory in eradicating the enemy leads to dire consequences. This study is a picture of our walk by faith, our responsibility to leave an inheritance or spiritual legacy for future generations. Follow along and unwrap the lessons God has for you through the various warriors, battles, victories and failures of the book of Judges.

Most Requested 2021

These are the Most Requested Messages of 2021 with lessons on "the beautiful array," the work of grace, discipleship training, five things that require vigilance as we wait for Christ's return, the resurrection, end times and more.

The Gospel of Luke

Join us for this series that follows the ministry of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Doctor Luke. Pastor Lloyd likens Doctor Luke's keen eye for detail to an episode of Forensic Files. Starting his gospel with the angel's announcement to Mary, adding numerous references to prophecies as Jesus fulfilled them, to the Sermon on the Mount, the last supper, the resurrection and everything in between, this is a deep and exhaustive study on the life of Jesus as told by Luke.

Essential Christianity

In this in-depth study of chapters five through eight of Romans, we find what Pastor Lloyd calls, "the beautiful array." How do we glory in trouble and tribulation? What does the Lord want us to understand about evil, testing and suffering? How can we understand the basis for our pardon and the certainty for our salvation? If we are dead to sin, why do we continue sinning? These messages will answer your questions and encourage your heart as your faith is strengthened. There is purpose and meaning behind the daily things in which we struggle.

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