A Future and A Hope by Jon Courson
A Future and A Hope by Jon Courson


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Why do bad things happen to good people? This question has haunted the minds of millions over the course of man's history. Yet, philosophers, politicians, and even pious religious leaders have not been able to answer adequately. God's word has the answer and offers a future and a hope to those who are going through trials, catastrophes, or heartaches. Jon Courson looks at a number of key passages of scripture from which we can learn rich truths that will produce comfort in the midst of confusion. He shares from his own life experiences- having his first wife taken to heaven at age 28, then his 16-year-old daughter suddenly taken to heaven some 12 years later. Jon declared he has discovered that our Father is absolutely faithful, our Savior is so very real, and the Spirit is so incredibly comforting in times of trial.

Title: A Future and A Hope by Jon Courson
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No matter what your current 
circumstances, God intends for 
you to have a future and a hope!