03/07/04 (Sun.) Lloyd Pulley
03/07/04 (Sun.) Lloyd Pulley

People everywhere have experienced Mel Gibson's powerful film, The Passion of The Christ, and its portrayal of the brutality that Jesus endured on our behalf. Many viewers have asked, "Why did the Son of God suffer such cruelty, and die so miserably?"

Join Pastor Lloyd Pulley as he addresses this and other questions in a special five-part series, The Passion Revealed.
  5189 The Passion Series Pt. 1 Why Did Jesus Die?
  5190 The Passion Series Pt. 2 Anticipating The Cross
  5191 The Passion Series Pt. 3 Garden of Agony
  5192 The Passion Series Pt. 4 The Judge Judged
  5193 The Passion Series Pt. 5 Our King Crucified

Title: The Passion Revealed
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 3/7/2004
Scripture: Assorted Scriptures
Item #: PAS04
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