The Natural Attributes Of God
The Natural Attributes Of God
When I say the word "Theology", what comes to mind? Many people immediately think "Boring!". But that is a very wrong attitude to take, especially when you consider what the word theology means. It means knowledge of God. It's been said "to know me is to love me". And that's exactly what God thinks about Theology - the more we get to know who God is, the more we'll love and worship Him! So that's what we'll do for the next couple of weeks or so - learn to know God - through a series called "Every Day Theology".
Title: The Natural Attributes Of God
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 2/10/2008
Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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Join Pastor Lloyd as he examines crucial areas of the Christian faith, including the attributes of God, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, heaven, and hell.

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