Like God before Pharaoh
Like God before Pharaoh

Like Moses, we are ambassadors in this world. Difficulties will abound for us as they did for Moses who persisted with God's message to Pharaoh, "Let my people go." How do we walk in the call of ambassador? With the first plague in this passage, and Pharaoh's resistance against God, even the magicians eventually confess they cannot mimic the power Moses displays. As food becomes scarce and chaos ensues, Israel is miraculously shielded and protected. But none of the miraculous would have happened without this ambassador of God who took steps of faith, one after another, in obedience to God's call.

Title: Like God before Pharaoh
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 6/27/2010
Scripture: Exodus 6:14-7:25
Item #: 1852
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