Devastation by Degrees
Devastation by Degrees

Here, we see a secular leader confronted by a man called by God, Moses, yet his own people rejected him. The various plagues sent by God target the gods of Egypt, beginning with the plague of frogs. Make no mistake, God will challenge your gods as well. Do we realize how hard and corrupt our souls become due to sin, or how hard it is to surrender to God? Pharaoh’s hardened heart leads to the gradual destruction of Egypt. Rebellion against God brings ruin and becomes an example of what not to do. Pastor Lloyd wants us to learn these lessons as ambassadors, cultivating a tender heart so apathy won’t set in.

Title: Devastation by Degrees
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 7/11/2010
Scripture: Exodus 8-9
Item #: 1853
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