Deliverance:  A Study in Exodus (Part 1)
Deliverance:  A Study in Exodus (Part 1)

They were God's people. They were called out by God, set apart from the World. They were honored, but then fell into bondage in Egypt, and God heard their cry. This is story of the Hebrew people through the book of Genesis, and as the book of Exodus begins, we find a broken, distraught nation, a people in need of deliverance.

Join Pastor Lloyd as he examines the book of Exodus and God's plan to deliver His people from slavery in Egypt. Learn how these types apply to our lives today. as God delivers us from sin through Jesus, and self through a daily process of sanctification.

Title: Deliverance: A Study in Exodus (Part 1)
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Join Pastor Lloyd in this first part of his series on the book of Exodus.