Eternal Influence
Eternal Influence

Have you ever talked to someone, and just knew that the conversation had changed your life? Perhaps it was some bit of encouragement you received. Maybe it was news that altered the course of your life forever. Hopefully, it was a conversation that pointed you to a life with Christ.

Everyday conversations CAN have an eternal impact. In John 4, Jesus meets a woman by a well, and strikes up a conversation. As a direct result of her encounter with Jesus, this Samaritan woman's life is forever changed. She is convicted of her sin. She is pointed to a relationship with the Savior and filled with living water. She shares that good news, and her entire community is pointed to Christ, all as a result of one simple encounter, one afternoon by a well.

You too can have a similar impact on those you know and meet. Whether it is in line at the grocery store, riding on a bus, or with a family member or a friend, conversations that point people to Christ can have an eternal impact. In these encounters you are planting seeds that can one day grow to bear much fruit for the kingdom.

In this important two-part series, Pastor Lloyd shares how you too can have an eternal impact on those around you. Consider it your "Mission Possible" to build relationships with those around you, and share the Good News in simple, yet profound ways!

Title: Eternal Influence
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Join Pastor Lloyd for this two-part series, and learn how to impact those around you for eternity.