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Power of a Holy Life
Power of a Holy Life
Title: Power of a Holy Life
Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Date: 5/2/2018
Scripture: Titus 1:10-2:10
Item #: 3977

Leading a holy life is a great challenge, whether you’re talking about the days of Titus in the first century A.D., or the year 2018, A.D.. But that’s Paul’s message to Titus in chapters one and two - strive to be holy!

Old age is an asset, not a liability, despite what our world teaches today. Those who are older in the faith have so much that they’ve learned about God. Yet, quite often - older people take on a different attitude.... “It’s time to let the younger people do it now, I’ll just sit back, do nothing, retire from serving God, and wait till He takes me home.” Today Pastor Lloyd encourage senior saints to be all that God wants them to be.

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